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  AL128 VGA to Video Conversion IC (EOL)
Functional Description

The AL128 PC to TV scan converter chip accepts graphic data up to 1024x768 resolution from PC and Macintosh graphics controllers and converts it into high quality NTSC or PAL TV signals. This new chip is pin-to-pin compatible with the AverLogic AL100 but provides analog RGB output for SCART implementation.


  • PC ready multimedia TV
  • TV output for laptop, network, entertainment PC
  • Net browser/set-top box
  • Internet TV
  • VGA add-on card with TV output
  • VGA to TV converter box
Addtional Information
AL128 Flyer
AL128 Brochure
Reference Kits:
AL251A-EVB-A0 (Video and VGA Scan Converter)
Replacement Chip:
AL360A (Full HD Video Conversion SOC)




  • Convert non-interlaced VGA or Macintosh video into interlaced TV format (NTSC/PAL)
  • Analog RGB output for SCART interface
  • Highly integrated design with built-in NTSC/PAL encoder, ADC, DAC and SRAM
  • High clarity 5-line anti-flicker filter
  • 8 levels of sharpness control
  • Supports up to full 1024x768 VGA resolution
  • Automatically supports scan rate from 50Hz up to 100Hz
  • Linear vertical and horizontal over/underscan control
  • Zoom and freeze controls
  • Four-touch-button interface with on-screen-menu on TV
  • Horizontal and vertical position/panning control
  • Optional digital 24-bit RGB/VAFC interface
  • Power down feature controlled by software or hardware
  • Full programmability via I2C interface
  • Brightness control
  • Built-in color bar
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