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4-in-1 2D Comb Filter Video Decoder EVBs



The AL244C-EVB-A0 evaluation boards is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of AverLogic’s AL244 chip, which is a high quality 4-in-1 video decoder. The AL244 combines four stand alone multi-standard video decoders and includes 2D Comb filter for high level video surveillance applications.

These boards support CVBS and S-video inputs. It decodes NTSC/ PAL/ SECAM from this input interface and converts it into YCbCr 4:2:2 digital video data through the programmable data bus.

This EVB combines the AverLogic AL244 Decoder with the Philips SAA7105 Encoder. The input interfaces include four CVBS interfaces and two S-Video interfaces. It also provides CVBS and S-Video output interfaces. The digital interface has an additional feature that allows it to interface through the AL244 decoder kernel.

The AL244C-EVB-A0 uses the AL244C-LF2-PBF chip (80-pin version, 10x10 mm).





Key Features of the AL244

Analog Input

  • Four 10-bit ADC, AGC & ACC (Automatic Clamping Control)
  • Supports Auto Multi-Standard NTSC/PAL/SECAM mode detection
  • Supports Weak & Non-Standard Signal mode detection
  • Adaptive 2D Comb-Filter video decoding for Y/C separation

Digital video output

  • • Supports four digital ITU-R 656 8-bit outputs with four-video-decoder mode.

Video Processing

  • Closed Caption/V-Chip/WSS/WSS-J VBI decoding.

4-Decoder Mode (A,B,C and D)

  • 4 analog CVBS inputs for each of the four video decoders
  • Standard ITU-R BT 656 format 8-bit outputs

2-Decoder Mode ( AB and CD)

  • Each of the 2 video decoders support S-Video
  • Standard ITU-R BT 656 format 8-bit outputs


  • 1.8V core logic. 3.3V I/O with 5V tolerance
  • Controlled via 2-wire serial-bus interface. All 4 video decoders require only one serial bus and
    share one slave address
  • Requires only one crystal for all 4 video decoders
  • Supports interrupt output pin for hardware mode detection
  • Built-in Test Pattern Generator
  • Low power consumption
  • Small-size and Lead Free Package LQFP-80 (10x10mm)

  Applications for the AL244

  Video Surveillance System

  Video Editing System


  AL244C-EVB-A0 User Manual  
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