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  AL300 LCD TV Controller (EOL)
Functional Description

The AL300B evaluation board is used to demonstrate the versatile capabilities of the AL300B LCD Controller. The AL300B is designed to enable simple connection from PC’s or video devices to flat panel
displays. It provides LCD/PDP monitor and projector manufacturers with a low-cost, easy solution to bring TV or PC video to LCD panels.

The AL300 is equipped with a high quality zoom engine that automatically maintains full screen output display, regardless of the resolution of the incoming signal. The input video can be linearly and independently zoomed in the x and y directions. The AL300 also provides de-interlacing, filtering, and scaling support for interlaced video to be displayed on a LCD panel.

Two integrated On Screen Display (OSD) windows provide overlay of a control menu, text, or caption on the output display. With the internal OSD RAM, OSD bitmaps of up to 8K pixels are supported. With optional external user-defined font table ROM, the AL300 OSD
functionality is very flexible with font size and display location; virtually all languages and fonts are supported. Special OSD effects such as translucency and blinking offer the manufacturer a unique and vivid way of presenting monitor status, control menu, or other display information.

Used with an AL875 (high speed 3-channel ADC with PLL, 100-pin QFP), the AL300 (in 160-pin QFP) offers the best cost-performance and total solution for LCD monitors or projectors, or other flat panel devices.

Additional Information

AL300B Brochure
Reference Kit
AL300B-EVB-A0 ( Video LCD Display EVB)
Replacement Chips
AL360A (Full HD Video Conversion SOC)
AL361 (4K Multi-Channel Video Processor SOC)
AL362 (4K 4-Channel Video Processor SOC)


Key Features

  • Converts PC’s or TV’s signals for flat
    panel displays
  • Supports active matrix up to 1280x1024
  • De-interlacing support for video inputs
  • Automatic screen positioning support
  • Fully programmable zoom ratios
  • Independent linear zoom in H and V
  • Supports single and dual pixel per clock
  • Dithering logic to enhance color
    resolution for 12-bit or 18-bit panels
  • Built-in high speed PLL
  • User-definable font table supporting
    different languages and font sizes
  • Two built-in OSD windows
  • I2C programmable
  • No external memory required
  • Single 3.3 volt power with 5 volt tolerant I/O
  • 160-pin 28x28 mm PQFP package


  • TFT LCD Monitor
  • LCD TV
  • LCD Projector with PC and/or TV Input
  • Other Flat Panel Displays
  • TV to PC Monitor Scan Converter
  • Progressive Scan TV
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