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  AL321B Analog LCD Display SOC (EOL)

The AverLogic AL321 is a highly integrated, video display SOC that provides a complete single-chip video management system for a wide range of image display devices. It supports Multiple Analog Input devices as well as a Single Digital Input channel. This product also features full video processing capabilities including programmable scaling, input video signal detection (PAL/ NTSC/ SECAM), and a rich selection of image adjustment features. It also comes with flexible OSD capabilities.


  • Video Door Phone, Baby Monitor, Digital Photo Frame
  • In-Car TV/GPS/Navigation & Entertainment
  • Small to Medium Multimedia TFT-LCD Display Monitor
  • Portable TV/DTV (ATSC, DVB-T/-S)


Additional Information

AL321B Flyer



  • Inputs

- Multiple Analog Inputs
- S-Video
- YPbPr
- Analog RGB
- 3-Ch/10-bit ADC, AGC & ACC
- Auto detect video signal - NTSC, PAL,
- CCIR-656/YCbCr Digital Input

  • Outputs

- Analog LCD Panels
- Low Power 3CH DAC for Analog RGB
- Programmable TCON for Analog LCD
- Serial RGB format for LTPS Digital

  • Other Functions and Features

- 2D video decoder
- Anti-aliasing filter
- Contrast/Brightness/Hue/Sat.
- Image & Edge Sharpness
- VBI decoding
- Programmable Scaling
- Built-in 8052 MCU and 1K byte
  internal SRAM
- Dedicated UART & INT pins
- Supports SPI-Flash and ISP (In-
  System Programming) function
- Supports three PWM generators for
  general purpose control
- Supports interrupt output pin for
  hardware mode detection
- Built-in Test Pattern Generator (Color
  Bar, Grey Scale, etc.)
- Low power design
- 128-pin LQFP 14 x 14 mm

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