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  AL330 Digital LCD Display Controller SOC (EOL)

Functional Description

The AL330B is a highly integrated Display SOC, containing a 3-Ch + 10-bit ADC, 2D Video Decoder, Deinterlacer, Scaler, Microcontroller, OSD, and TCON. The AL330B can support small to medium Digital TFT-LCD Panels and small to medium AMOLED Display Devices.

The AL330B is a multi-channel analog preprocessing circuit, which includes source selection; anti-aliasing filter; ADC, ACC (Auto-Clamp Control) and AGC (Auto-Gain Control); CGC (Clock Generation Circuit); digital multi-standard decoder containing chrominance and luminance separation from an adaptive 2D comb filter; brightness, contrast, hue and saturation control circuit; programmable horizontal and vertical scaler; image and sharpness enhancement processing; On-Screen-Display; programmable TCON; and a digital RGB signal output etc.

  • In-Car TV/GPS/Navigation & Entertainment Display Systems
  • Video Door Phone, Baby Monitor, Digital
    Photo Frame etc.
  • Small to Medium Multimedia TFT-LCD,
    AMOLED Display Monitor
  • Portable TV/DTV (ATSC,DVB-T/-S)
Additional Information
AL330B Brochure
AL330B Flyer
Reference Kits
AL330B-EVB-A1 (Digital LCD Display SOC Evaluation Board)


Key Features

  • Analog Input:

- Supports 9 analog video inputs

- Supports CVBS, S-Video & YPbPr
(480P/576P) inputs

- Supports Analog RGB input

- 3-Ch, 10-bit ADC, AGC & ACC

- Supports Auto Multi-Standard
  NTSC/PAL/SECAM mode detection

- Adaptive 2D Comb-Filter video
   decoding for Y/C separation

  • Digital Input:

- Supports CCIR-656/YCbCr Digital

  • Video Processing & Scaler

- Supports VBI decoding

- Macrovision copy protection detection

- Contrast/Brightness/Hue/Saturation

- Sharpness adjustment for Edge

- Black Level Extension(BLE)

- White Level Extension(WLE)

- YCbCr to RGB Color Space

- Programmable H/V up/down Scaling

- 4:3 to/from 16:9 conversion

- Programmable 3-Channel Gamma

  • OSD

- Built-in internal OSD 4K bytes of RAM
   for programmable OSD function

- Supports up to 8 OSD colors

- Supports OSD Blinking & Blending

- Supports OSD X,Y mirror for rear view
   or flip down applications

- Supports external OSD signals

  •  Digital Output & Tcon   

- 24-bit/18-bit/12-bit Digital RGB Output

- Supports Digital LCD panels: 160*120,
   320*240, 640*480, 800*480, 800*600

- Programmable TCON for various
   Digital LCD panels

- Supports Image Mirror and Flip

- Supports Serial RGB format interface
   for LTPS Digital Panels (Such as
   Toppoly and AUO)

- Supports AMOLED Panels (Such as

  •  Miscellaneous

- Built-in 8052 MCU and 1K byte internal

- Dedicated UART & INT pins

- Supports SPI-Flash and ISP (In-
   System Programming) function

- Supports three PWM generators for
   general purpose control

- Supports interrupt output pin for
   hardware mode detection

- Built-in Test Pattern Generator (Color
   Bar, Grey Scale, etc.)

- Low power design

- 128-pin LQFP 14 x 14 mm

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