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AL37204C-DMB-A0 Multi-Video Display with DVR Reference Design (EOL)





The AL37204C-DMB-A0 demo product demonstrates a versatile, cost-effective reference design for Multi-Channel DVR applications, using AverLogic’s AL37204 and AL244 chipsets. It provides fully configurable, 4-channel multi-video display for applications like Home Surveillance Systems, Home DVRs and Car Recorders . An IPassion reference design board is attached to the top of the AL37204C-DMB and provides the DVR facilities to record video to an SD card.

This product is easy to setup and use. It has a convenient keypad with intuitive control procedures. You can easily record and save images to an SD card which can then be downloaded to a PC, much like you do with Digital Camera images.

This product features an MCU 8051 processor and a C code programming interface, providing Engineers with a familiar platform that promotes faster development and hastens time-to-market. AverLogic also provides the most thorough and complete technical documentation support.



General Features

  • Video Input/Output
    - 4 CVBS inputs
    - 2 CVBS outputs
    - NTSC:720x480x60 Fs
    PAL:720x576 50 Fs
  • Control interface
    - Key Pad
    - Remote control support
  • Compression / Storage
    - JPEG Encoder
    - SD Card 1/2/4/8/16/32 GB
    - JPEG 2-5 frames/Sec@VGA 640x480
    - Windows AP supported


  • Car Multi-Display System
  • Car Recorder
  • Home Surveillance System
  • Home DVR


Functional Block Diagram


AL37204C-DMB-A0 Flyer

AL37204C-DMB-A0 Quick Setup Guide

AL37204 chip information

AL244 chip information