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AL37204C-DMB-A1 Video Scoping Reference Design (EOL)





The AL37204C-DMB-A1 demo product is a reference design for applications that require a straight-forward, economical video processing solution that can be adapted into Video Scoping applications used in the Medical Industry and Repair Industry. These industries share the need to gain viewing access to areas that are otherwise difficult to get to. For Medical use, these applications may include devices used for surgeries, endoscopies, dental work and bodily cavity examinations etc.

For the Repair industry, this product design can be adapted for scoping devices used to gain easy access to crawl spaces in buildings or to view difficult angles in tight spaces during automotive repair.

This product uses AverLogic’s AL37204 and AL244 chipsets that provide fully configurable video processing with multi-video display. Furthermore, this product can freeze and capture different viewing angles or regions and display them in separate windows for comparison.

This product also contains an MCU 8051 processor and a C code programming interface, providing engineers with a familiar platform that promotes faster development and hastens time-to-market.



General Features

  • Video Input/Output
    - 1 CVBS inputs
    - 2 CVBS outputs
    - NTSC:720x480x60 Fs
    - PAL:720x576 50 Fs
    - NTSC/PAL auto detect
  • Control interface
    - Intuitive, easy-to-use Key Pad
  • Display Mode
    - 1, 2, 4 window display modes
    - Freeze up to 4 images simultaneously
      for comparison in 4 windows.


  • Medical Video Viewer
  • IRIS Analyze Viewer
  • Cosmetology Comparison Viewer
  • Dental Color Analyzer
  • Instrument Endoscope




Functional Block Diagram
  Additional Information
  AL37204C-DMB-A1 Flyer  
  AL37204 chip information  
  AL244 chip information