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AL37204C-EVB-A2 Multi-Video Processing EVB (EOL)



The AL37204 Video Processor EVB is an evaluation product that demonstrates a total solution for video surveillance applications using Averlogic IC chips. This EVB product receives video streams from up to 4 cameras to be processed and shown on a monitor in a variety of convenient display formats.

The main components include one video decoder (AL244) for processing 4 channels of analog video inputs, one video decoder (AL240) for analog to digital conversion for video playback input, and one video processor (AL37204). It is a low-cost, easy solution for real-time video surveillance applications that use 4-channel video output to TV monitors, VCRs and digital storage devices.

The AL37204 provides four analog CVBS video input connectors. It has cost-effective, high-quality NTSC/PAL video decoding technology with adaptive comb-filter Y/C separation processing and quad video processing. It is also equipped with BCS (Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue) control, Scale Down Function, Re-play function, Zoom, Freeze, Iinternal OSD overlay, Motion Detection and PIP/POP display capabilities for monitoring and controlling video surveillance devices.




  • Supports manual video standard selection to match various analog video standard inputs . High quality adaptive comb-filter for Y/C separation.
  • Supports multi-window display modes (1/2/3/4/9/13/16).
  • Three embedded TV Encoders with DACS, supports NTSC and PAL standard outputs.
  • Supports manual adjustment of hue,brightness,contrast and saturation .
  • Supports individual channel freeze.
  • Supports PIP/POP function.
  • Supports motion detection / blind detection.
  • Internal OSD overlay with programmable bitmap type font for OSD display

for the AL37204 chip

  • Video surveillance Multiplexer/Processor
  • DVR and POS DVR
  • Video Server
  • Highway traffic throughput surveillance
  • Medical inspecting/surgery
  • ATM machine surveillance
  • Defense surveillance
  • Recovery room monitoring in hospital
  • Home stay monitoring
  • Long hour monitoring in biological
    experiment laboratory
  • Multiple channel IP camera
  • Car rear vision system
  • High end TV box with channel preview


AL37204C-EVB-A2 User Manual

AL37204 chip information

AL240 chip information

AL244 chip information