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  AL37204 Quad Video Display Processor for Surveillance Systems

Functional Description

The AL37204 controller is AverLogic’s 4ch control solutions for UAV QUAD display, unmanned car vehicle QUAD display, smart home QUAD multiplexer, DVR and CCTV applications. It provides an additional input channel for playback and three separate output paths providing 8 bit ITU-R BT.656 and/or 24 bit RGB format data for maximum flexibility meeting digital video recording and LCD TV/ monitor display requirements.


  • Unmanned vehicle QUAD display, easy to integrate into video monitoring system
  • UAV, drone live QUAD display, ideal for QUAD view in different directions
  • Digital Video Surveillance System (DVR)
  • Analog Video Surveillance System (Multiplexer)
  • Multi-channel Video Server or Network DVR
  • Vehicle Tracking/ Security System

Additional Information
  AL37204 Brochure
  AL37204 Flyer
  Reference Kits:
  AL37204C-EVB-A2 (Multi-Video Processing EVB)

AL37204C-DMB-A0 (Multi-Video Display with DVR Reference Design)

  Replacement Chip:
  AL362 (4K 4-Channel Video Processor SOC)




  • Triplex operation support real-time monitoring, recording, and playback independently
  • Programmable size/location, panning flipping, mirroring and tilting for every channel
  • Internal scaling function (1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 2/3, 3/4)
  • Support PIP /POP, and anti-rolling channel switching
  • Individual channel freeze operation
  • Support linear Zooming function for monitoring and playback modes (with independent vertical and horizontal linear interpolation)
  • Embedded internal OSD; BMP Image overlay and flexible font display
  • Direct connection to video decoder/ encoder, TV monitor, VCR, MPEG/M-JPEG CODEC IC
  • Priority (weighting) recording of special event channels (internal or external alarms)
  • Support individual channel motion detection in hardware and software; programmable motion area/ velocity/ sensitivity
  • Programmable brightness, contrast and saturation
  • VBI insertion and extraction ...etc.
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