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AL462 FIFO EVB for Altera HSMC Platform

AL462B-EVB-A0 - 4K2K UHD Video FIFO Memory Evaluation Board




When you want to develop image processing algorithm or image processing related applications on FPGA platform, you can use the AL462 FIFO module to capture and store image data independently. The AL462 FIFO module allows you to use image data at any time without worrying about the bandwidth and the capacity of FPGA and DDR memory are limited by additional image processing tasks. We also provide a Verilog sample code that allows you to integrate into your FPGA code, so you can let the image buffering task controlled  by AL462 FIFO. Using the AL462 FIFO module, the FPGA and DDR memory will be more efficiently in your algorithm.

The AL462 FIFO module includes standard HSMC interface for ALTERA FPGA platform, and we also provide Verilog sample code/project code for Cyclone V GX starter kit board.



Target applications

  • Video Editing
  • Video Algorithm
  • Video Pattern Generator

Product developers can immediately evaluate and develop their own company's products, and do not need to study how to control the video memory circuit. Using the AL462 FIFO module greatly reduces product evaluation and development time.

AL462 Video DEMO Board with ALTERA Cyclone V

Click HERE for more info. on Altera Cyclone V GX Starter Kit


Functional Block



AL462B-EVB-A0 User Manual

AL462 chipset information