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EyeOT AL462 Parallel Camera Module / EyeOT Image Capture Module

AL462B-Parallel-DMB-A0 - OV5640 with AL462 Video FIFO Parallel Camera Module for IOT Applications



This parallel camera module is used to temporarily store image data in the AL462 FIFO memory. You can use a compact microcontroller to transmit the image data to cloud or use the image data for image recognition applications.

 Most IOT applications are transmitting low data rate from sensors, but the video buffering is difficult to be handled by the compact microcontroller. The easiest way is using AL462 parallel camera module to handle the video functions.

We also provide an Arduino DUE sample code for capturing one picture from OV5640 and storing the data in the AL462 video FIFO.



Key Features

  • 8-bit Parallel / I2C / GPIO
  • JPEG 1920x1080, 1280x720, 1280x960, 640x480, 320x240 one frame capture
  • Automatic image control functions: AEC, AWB, ABF and ABLC
  • Programmable controls for frame rate, AEC/AGC 16-zone size/position/weight control, mirror and flip, cropping, windowing, and panning
Potential Applications

  • IoT video sensor
  • Video analysis
  • Toy/Robot applications

    AL462B-Parallel-DMB-A0 Application Note

    You may be also interested in our EyeOT AL582 Seial Camera module.

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