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H.264 Video Streaming Solution

AL582C-CMOS-DMB-A21 CMOS Wi-Fi RS9113 DEMO Board for App

 AverLogic AL582 Solution AL582C-CMOS-DMB-A21


This development kit, AL582C-CMOS-DMB-A21 DEMO board demonstrates AL582C Wi-Fi video streaming ability with CMOS sensor and mobile phone display with App.. The video streaming is using H.264 compression through Wi-Fi interface.

It includes Redpine’s Wi-Fi module, RS9113 (RS9113-N00-D1C) which supports dual-band (2.4K and 5G) compliant to IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, and its Wi-Fi function can be enabled through AL582’s internal MCU.

The key parts of transmitter board are AL582C H.264/JPEG SOC, dual-band Wi-Fi module, 720p CMOS sensor, HDMI transmitter and SD card.

There are copious hardware designed in this DEMO board, such as 5-direction keypad, PIR sensor connector, speaker connector, battery charge circuit and S/W upload connector. It can demonstrate many popular functions, such as APP with smartphone, or JPEG/MJPEG recording with SD card playback. These functions can be uploaded by an optional USB Debug Tool.



Key Features

  • 720p CMOS video input and Wi-Fi HDMI output.
  • H.264 720p encoding and decoding.
  • Wi-Fi connection compliant to IEEE 802.11 b/g/n with dual-band (2.4G/5G) support for wireless transmission to mobile phone with App.
  • Low latency for H.264 video streaming.
  • USB Battery detection of hardware design is reserved.


  • Video Baby Monitors
  • Wireless Security Cameras
  • Medical and Repair Scoping
  • Door Phones
  • Toy Applications


  AL582C-CMOS-DMB-A21 User Manual

AL582C Solution Brochure

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