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H.264 Video Streaming Solution

AL582C-CMOS-DMB-A23 CMOS DMB for UART/SPI Command Function

 AverLogic AL582 Solution AL582C-CMOS-DMB-A23


This camera module is ideal for video streaming purposes. It supports applications that require sending a picture or live video to Internet by H.264 compression.

Most IOT applications are transmitting low data rate from sensors, but the video streaming is difficult to be handled by the compact microcontroller. The easiest way is using AL582 serial camera module to handle the video functions.



Key Features

  • SPI/UART Serial interface for send Command and Data
  • H.264/JPEG 1920x1080~320x240 one frame or audio/video streaming


  • IoT Video Sensor
  • Video Analysis
  • Toy/Robot Applications


  AL582C-CMOS-DMB-A23 User Manual

AL582C chip information