H.264 HD A/V Streaming over Power-line or Ethernet

“H.264 HD A/V Streaming over Power-line” module delivers H.264 compressed HD video and audio digital data from your A/V equipment, such as Blu-ray Disc™ player, video game consoles like PS3, HD DVD or STB to your compatible HDTV smoothly. Users can simply plug and play to enjoy high performance video and audio anywhere in the house.


Outdoor Speaker & Bathroom (Waterproof) Speaker over Power-line

“iPod® and 192KHz Audio Streaming over Power-line” module allows CD-quality digital audio content to be sent and received from any source anywhere in a home. It can be easily adapted to varieties of audio system applications like iPod v.s. Outdoor/Bathroom speaker. This solution performs top-grade sound quality delivery as if it is delivered via a top-notch audio cable. A configurable latency time can be as low as 10ms, meeting the high-end stereo system criterions and an audiophile’s expectations.


IP Camera over Power-line

“IP Camera over Power-line” module transmits real-time MPEG-4 compressed video/audio data over existing power line, with which IP Cameras and monitors can be networked in different rooms or places wherever AC outlets are accessible.

H.264 HD A/V Streaming over Ethernet or Power-line

Streaming iPod Audio over Power-line

H.264 Network Video Server/IP Camera Module

Full HD Video FIFO Memory

In-Car 4-CH Multiplexer

MPEG-4/2/1 Network Video Server/IP Camera Module

MPEG-4/2/1 A/V USB Grabber

OLED Display Driving Solution

HMD/Video Glasses Display Driving Solution

Analog/Digital LCD Display Driving Solution

Video Decoding
Video Decoder
Video Frame/ Line FIFO
Video FIFO and Specialty Memory
Small-to-Medium Sized LCD Display
LCD Display Controller
Video Format Converter
Video Conversion ICs
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