Computex Live Demo - H.264 HD AV Streaming over Power-Lines

AverLogic will be showcasing "HD AV streaming over power lines", featuring transmitter and receiver boards which will stream H.264 content from a central Blu-ray player to HDTV consoles over power lines. It is a great idea for broadcasting HD video from a central source to any location in your home using existing Power Lines.

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Computex Live Demo - H.264 Network Video Camera

AverLogic will also be demoing its H.264 Network Video Camera, which is capable of streaming real-time video directly onto a LAN network (without PC) where it can be viewed through a PC connected to the LAN.

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Computex Live Demo - HMD Video Display Glasses

Come watch full screen movies on amazing HMD (Head Mounted Display) Video Display Glasses. These video spectacles allow you to view spectacular video imagery as if you were watching it on a 52" screen!

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Other AverLogic Product Demos and Displays at Computex 2009
  • Audio Sender
  • Car DVR
  • Outdoor Speakers used with iPOD Audio Streaming over Power Lines
  • Network Video Camera
  • Full HD FIFO
  • Medical Display

Streaming iPod Audio over Power-line

Full HD Video FIFO Memory

In-Car DVR Application Reference Design

Video Surveillance Controllers (AL37204/AL37219)

Integrated Video SOC for Digital Display Devices (AL330B)

Video Decoding
Video Decoder
Video Frame/ Line FIFO
Video FIFO and Specialty Memory
Small-to-Medium Sized LCD Display
LCD Display Controller
Video Format Converter
Video Conversion ICs
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