AL460 HD FIFO ˇV For all things High Definition

AverLogicˇ¦s AL460 HD FIFO is ready to take on all applications. This IC solution is designed to be the workhorse in processing extremely dense, large quantities of HD data for HD Video Capture, HD Video Cameras, Frame Synchronizers, H.264 Stream Converters, Format Converter Boxes, Time Base Converters, Scan Rate Converters, Multi-Format Switch Boxes and more!

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LCD Display Controllers ˇV Versatile Video Display IC Solutions

AverLogic AL320/AL321/AL330 display controllers provide outstanding visual experience for consumers. At this yearˇ¦s show we will have HMD Video glasses, Land Departure Warning System, Micro Display and HMDI Systems on display at our booth.

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Power Line Video and Audio Streaming ˇV Your PLC experts
Averlogicˇ¦s HD streaming technologies can route H.264 compressed HD video from such devices as Blu-ray Disc players and video game consoles to any compatible HDTV display in any room using Power Line Communications.

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Car DVR video ˇV No more blind spots
AverLogic AL37204+AL244 IC technology in Car DVR video applications remedy driving "blind spots" allowing you to maneuver confidently in tight spaces or drive in reverse; it is especially useful for larger vehicles like trucks and vans.

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AverLogic Technology Applications on Display at CES 2010
  • H.264 HD Video Streaming over Power Lines
  • Audio Streaming over Power Lines
  • Rock PLC Speaker
  • iPod docing station
  • MPEG-4 IP Camera
  • MPEG-4 Network Video Server
  • USB Grabber
  • Video Multiplexer
  • Race Car DVR
  • Multi Video Processor
  • Drive Recorder
  • Car DVR
  • HMD (Video Eyeglasses)
  • Land Departure Warning System
  • Micro Display
  • HMI Display Solution

Streaming iPod Audio over Power-line

Full HD Video FIFO Memory

In-Car DVR Application Reference Design

Video Surveillance Controllers (AL37204/AL37219)

Integrated Video SOC for Digital Display Devices (AL330B)

Video Decoding
Video Decoder
Video Frame/ Line FIFO
Video FIFO and Specialty Memory
Small-to-Medium Sized LCD Display
LCD Display Controller
Video Format Converter
Video Conversion ICs
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