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    AverLogic eDM
  December 18th, 2008

        AverLogic is going to demonstrate HDMI 1080p High-Definition AV Streaming over Ethernet or Power-line Reference Design using the Fujitsu H.264/AVC-Compliant MB86H52 CODEC at CES 2009


(Taipei, Dec. 12th, 2008) AverLogic Technologies, Corp. (TOSE 6198), the video-processing IC and specialty-memory design company, will collaborate with Fujitsu Microelectronics America, Inc. (FMA) to deliver an HDMI 1080p High-Definition AV streaming total solution for consumer electronics manufacturers serving the High-Definition (HD), AV, whole-home video-streaming and cable-replacement markets. The solution, enabled with leading power-line communications (PLC) technology, will be demonstrated at CES 2009 in Las Vegas, January 8-11, at the AverLogic booth, number 25309, in the LVCC South Hall 2.


The HDMI 1080p High-Definition AV streaming solution combines Fujitsu’s H.264/AVC-compliant MB86H52 CODEC with AverLogic’s AL9M803 Media Network Controller. This solution allows High-Definition content (up to 1920x1080 at the frame rate of 24p or 60i) to be streamed over an Ethernet cable or other bandwidth-limited media, and be received at a remote HDMI receiver. The system consists of a pair of transmitter and receiver reference designs. Both can be adapted easily to various forms of home multimedia applications to transmit HD video/audio content anywhere in a home to any HDTV display without the long, expensive HDMI cables. The design can also take advantage of PLC technologies to stream High-Definition video/audio via existing whole-home power lines, without the need to install new wiring.


The reference design incorporates leading-edge processors from both companies to preserve the best video and sound quality while providing a reliable data transmission over the network. “AverLogic’s media network controller is extremely synergistic with Fujitsu’s H.264 compression technology, making this innovative High-Definition sender possible. We will have a live demonstration at our booth in CES to provide users with the most up-to-date information” said Kyle Chang, the CEO of AverLogic.


“The combination of AverLogic’s advanced media network controller with the Fujitsu H.264-compliant technology delivers the optimal solution for the state-of-the-art high-definition streaming,” said Davy Yoshida, Director of Business Development for Fujitsu Microelectronics America.  “The top-notch video and sound quality with minimum bandwidth requirements provided by Fujitsu’s H.264-compliant technology, coupled with the highly reliable data transmission from AverLogic, offers a simple, versatile reference design for a wide range of A/V applications.”


More about Fujitsu’s H.264/AVC-Compliant MB86H52 CODEC/Transcoder

           The Fujitsu MB86H52 is an HD H.264/AVC CODEC as well as an HD MPEG-2 to H.264 Transcoder. Configured in CODEC mode, it compresses HD raw video from 1.5Gbps into 20Mbps H.264/AVC bit-streams up to 1920x1080 at 60 interlaced frames or 24 progressive frames per second. Enabled as a Transcoder, MB86H52 fully decodes HD MPEG-2 bit-streams (a format commonly used in cable, satellite and terrestrial broadcasting domains) and re-encodes them with the same video quality into HD H.264/AVC bit-streams at less than half the data size. This feature improves the storage capacity in PVR applications by 2.5 times as well in as reduces the bandwidth required for real-time video transmission. For more information on the Fujitsu MB86H52 CODEC/Transcoder and related technology please visit http://www.fujitsu.com/us/services/edevices/microelectronics/h264.


More about AverLogic’s AL9M803B-LF-PBF

AverLogic’s AL9M80x series chips, including the AL9M801, AL9M802 and AL9M803, are MAC controllers for multimedia networking applications. The series acts with many interfaces for bridging multimedia content, including video, audio, voice or compressed VGA streams. With the many physical layer network structures, the chips can support wireless, power-line communication, Ethernet, and Home-PNA interfaces. Please refer to the IC order form for more information. 

The AL9M80x chips provide a proprietary data-flow control infrastructure for a smooth streaming of multimedia content. They stream video plus audio from source devices, such as STB, DVD players and DTV tuners to video-receiving devices, such as TV monitors. The chips can also stream audio from a home-theater system to its surround speakers, and music from an i-Pod charging dock to speakers in different rooms.  


About AverLogic Technologies, Corp. (AverLogic)

Founded in 1996, AverLogic Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company with headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. AverLogic has technical support centers in San Jose, California, USA; Hsinchu, Taiwan; and Shenzhen City, PRC. The company specializes in high-performance application-specific memory and video-processing circuits. Current products include a wide array of video frame and line buffers, format converters and highly integrated video processors. More recently the Company has added video decoders, DVR video controllers, and an MPEG4 encoder to its lineup of video solutions. AverLogic is a public company with stock listed in Taiwan OTC Stock Exchange since 2002 (TOSE: 6198).


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