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    AverLogic eDM
  Apr. 27th, 2015

AverLogic AL582C H.264 Video Streaming SoC Solution allows Interne of “Things” devices View-to-Control


The “IoT” and e-HOME are an inevitable trend that currently is leading us to a fully automatic modern world. AverLogic is proud to be able to take part in this industry and provide robust wireless video streaming solution to allow future world today.


People have been talking about “IoT” this hot topic in these few years, but many of us are just focus on Networking, Cloud or Big Data analysis, yet have puzzled about what “T” - Things are in them. If the Cloud and Big Data analysis are a metaphor of our human brain for the intelligent and commanding controls, then the "Things" can be the five senses inputs, such as visual, audio, thermal and light sensors and more, to the Big Data computing. By adding the intuitive input interfaces and ascertained algorithm to these “Things”, they can provide a user-friendly environment and greatly reduce the overhead of Networking traffic and computing effort in the cloud.


AverLogic is a company experiencing in video and image processing. We proudly introduce our HD video wireless streaming solution that supports multiple HD quality video inputs for compressed video transmission via various wireless media, like WiFi (2.4G and 5G bands) and RF to remote receivers or APP on Tablet/Smartphone. The AL582 incorporates state-of-the-art H.264/JPEG compression/decompression engine with dynamic compression QP controls as well as channel hopping Network management features for optimal video quality preservation during the Network transmission. With the surveillance function on these “Things” devices at local locations, the remote cloud controller can do View-to-Control actions on these devices for better accuracy on feedback data and more efficiency in Network usage. The video backup can be stored at local SD Card and retrieved for future playback.


The AL582C H.264 Video Streaming SoC solution makes high quality video streaming application possible and good for wide range video streaming applications like Industrial and robotic camera, IoT(Internet of Things) camera, Wireless Security Camera, Car/Traffic Camera and Recorder, Medical and Pipe Scoping, Video Door Phones, Video Conferencing equipment and Sport/Toy Applications.


The AL582C also has Micro-processors and memory built-in for OS free embedded platform design that can greatly reduce system complication and technical barriers on product development allowing your products Time-to-Market. Unlike many OS-based products, the AL582C solution does not require drivers for WiFi, SD Card recording, and File System Functions so the System-bootup time is much faster than OS-based platforms. The AL582C features in low power consumption and on-chip power management for battery operate and real-time reaction applications. The chip has rich video interfaces such as RGB, BT.1120, YCbCr and BT.656 for easy CMOS Sensor, HDMI, VGA and CVBS video signals inputs and outputs. The SDIO and SPI are industrial standard interfaces for embedded WiFi, RF module and SD Card storage connection.


Last but not least, the AL582 is a small-footprint, highly integrated low power SoC which is environmentally-friendly and energy-saving. The most important key point is the AverLogic provides comprehensive evaluation board and software development kit. You can visit www.averlogic.com for additional information and product offerings.



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