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  Press Release
    AverLogic eDM
  Oct. 5th, 2016

AverLogic introduces AL462, its revolutionary 4K2K Video FIFO memory for UHD Video Applications, and, AL362, its new developed 4K UHD Video Processor for Quad View, Multiple Display and TV Wall, during the next Electronica Trade Show in Munich.

  AverLogic AL362 4K UHD Video Processor


  • AverLogic celebrates its 20 Anniversary in the industry presenting its new products, AL462 and AL362.

  • AverLogic chooses Electronica, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Electronic Components, hold in Munich from the 8th to 11th of Nov. for this special launch. Their Hall/Stand# is A4/150.


AverLogic’s AL462 provides the world’s largest and fastest First in First Out data queuing memory used by wide-range HD video/audio applications in broadcast, video surveillance, medical, camera process and industrial instrument markets. AL 462 consists of 512Mbits memory density and can be configured as a 16M by 32-bit or dual 16-bit bus interface and operated at maximum R/W speeds up to 150 MHz for 4k2k video frame buffer; equivalent to 9.6GB/sec of simultaneous read/write data throughput.


The AL462 FIFO provides easy-to-use I/O interfaces and controls, such as selectable control signal polarity, two frame buffer modes, facilitating usage in multimedia systems, video capture systems and various video data buffering applications. Manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies and available as a 249-ball LFBGA package, allow product designers to keep power consumption and real estate to a minimum.


Some of AL462 Video FIFO Memory advantages are:

  • Extremely simple design interface

  • Short design cycle to reduce overall development costs

  • 32 bits data width interface

  • 9.6 Gbps simultaneous and independent read/write throughput


AverLogic’s AL362 is a fully programmable 4K UHD video processor. It supports 64-bit 4-port Inputs and 2-port outputs with different video contents and varieties of SD, HD video input combinations, such as dual 24-bit, quad 16-bit, quad 8-bit for video convert to designate video windows/switching plus alpha blending output with OSD. AL 362 also supports digital RGB/YUV raw data, BT.656, BT.1120 input or 4x clock multiplexing data timing at maximum 150Mhz clock rate and window composition of multiple input videos, such as PiP, PoP and quad display with up/down scale, for maximum 4K2K UHD input/output resolution.


 Among other important features are its configurable Flexi-Port supports odd/even pixel and Double-Data-Rate (DDR) bus interface for industrial video ASIC, such as HDMI transmitter/receiver, solutions (no glue-logic required) in high resolution video design, such as UHD 4K2K applications and its robust I/O and inter-connection features, easy for modules or stacking designs, such as PC104 or rack-mount system, by cascading multiple chips.


Some of the most important AL362 applications are:

  • Multiple video sources input for PiP, PoP, Quad view window display up to 4K2K.

  • Video cropping/Splitting to Multiple display output for TV wall and digital signage display.

  • Left-right video merge or video split for 3D/Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR) video converge.

  • Multi-view display for automotive street view surveillance monitor.

  • Features low-power portable or handheld display device.


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