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VGA to Video, Video to VGA, Video to HDTV & De-interlacer ICs, including: AL128, AL250, AL251, AL260, AL600
 Product Description  Configuration  Application  Part No.  Power (V)  Speed  Package  Remark
 AL600 DTV Controller  Convert YUV input into Progressive outputs, etc.  Video to RGB/HDTV Converter with PIP, etc.  AL600  2.5/3.3V   QFP 208-pin  
 AL260 Video Enhancenment Processor  Convert YUV input into Progressive Outputs, etc.  TV/Video Scan Converter Box, LCD TV Box, etc.  AL260  2.5/3.3V   QFP 208-pin  
 AL251 Video Scan Doubler  NTSC/ PAL to VGA CRT Converter  LCD Monitor w/TV Input, LCD Projector, etc.  AL251  3.3 or 5 volt support   QFP 80-pin  
 AL250 Video Scan Doubler  Convert YUV into Progressive RGB outputs, etc.  TV to PC VGA Scan Converter Box, LCD TV box, etc.  AL250  Single 3.3V   QFP 64-pin  
 AL128 Plug and Play VGA to Video Conversion IC  Convert Progressive VGA into interlaced, etc.  PC VGA to video conveter, Internet TV box, etc.  AL128  Single 5V   LQFP 160-pin  
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