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  Video Decoder and ADC ICs
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  Video Decoder and ADC ICs
Low Power 2D Adaptive Comb Filter Video Decoders
3-Channel High-Speed ADC
 Bus Width  Feature  Application   Part No.  Power (V)  Speed  Package  Remark
 Low Power Adaptive Comb Filter Video Decoder IC  10bit ADC, Adaptive Comb Filter & Low Power, etc.  Video Surveillances, TV/Video Converters, etc.  AL240C  1.8/3.3V 27MHz  QFP 44-pin & TFBGA-49-pin 
 Low Power Adaptive 2D Comb Filter Video Decoder ICC  10bit ADC, Adapt. 2D Comb Filter & Low Power, etc. LCD TV, MFM LCD Monitor, LCD TV Box, etc. AL242C  1.8/3.3V 27MHz   LQFP 64-pin  
 4-in-1 Comb-Filter Video Decoderr  4x10-bit ADC and AGC embeded  Video Security & Surveillance Systems  AL244C  1.8/3.3V 27/54MHz   LQFP-128  
 AL875 3-Channel ADC  High speed 8-bit ADC up to 110MHz clock rate, etc.  LCD/PDP Monitors, Other FPDs, etc.  AL875A  Single 3.3V 110MHz   QFP 100-pin  
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