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Video Quad Processors & Multiplexers
 Bus Width  Feature  Application   Part No.  Power (V)  Speed  Package  Remark
 AL37204 Advanced Surveillance Controller Video Processing for 4-CH multiplexer & DVR, etc. Digital Video Surveillance Systems, etc.  AL37204C-LF-PBF  1.8/3.3V    LQFP 216-pin  
 AL37219 Advanced Surveillance Controller  Video Processing for 9-CH multiplexer & DVR, etc.  Digital Video Surveillance Systems, etc.  AL37219C-LF-PBF  1.8/3.3V   LQFP 256-pin  
 AL700 Quad Video Processor 4-CH QUAD video processing with OSD, etc. Video Splitter/Quad Processor, DVR, etc.  AL700C-PBF  Single 3.3V    QFP-208pin  
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